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    Martin Fieldhouse

    While writing post if we’re using YoastSEO plugin. What should be focused on more? Because there are 2 main things while writing: one is “readability” and other is “SEO”.
    I manage to get green indication in SEO part but in some long posts over 600 words i sometimes could not get green in “readability” section.. does that cause in ranking down? or any other impact

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    Peter Wootton

    Yoast is purely a tool, and use it as a guide.

    I have a blog with over 100 blogs with both Seo and Readability on the green.

    To get readability green you need to write simple and like you are writing for a five year old to comprehend it.

    Once you get good at that you will get them green

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    Peter Wootton

    Most of the times errors i get at readability are due to

    • Many passive voice sentences
    • More than 20 words in sentences
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      Peter Wootton

      It’s just a guide don’t get too obsessed with it

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    Peter Wootton


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    Peter Wootton

    If there is a keyword phrase you might try to be ranking for… and you do a google search for it, you’ll see that the top results probably average over 1000 words in the article. write for your audience… have a good meta description and excerpt to get them to Click Through.

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