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    John Hannaford

    I am working on a website *deleted* and I was wondering if someone would let me know why I am not ranking in google at the top? I just don’t know how I am not seeing much change yet.

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    Paul Davis

    I just took a quick glance, but there’s very little content on the home page.

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      Syed Shah

      To add to this. Took a solid few seconds to load on mobile connected to WiFi. Might want to look into optimising for speed.

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      Richard Putt

      I agree. But if you need help generating more content, PM me! Happy to help.

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    Denise Wilcock

    What keywords are you trying to rank for?

    There are a number of issues (SEO Errors) that are causing your site to not rank. I’ve seen your site posted on here before and at first glance it looks like a nice site but once you dig in you can start to see the problems underneath.

    SEO is not your only problem. I’m guessing your bounce rate in your analytics is very high and leading to low conversions from your visitors.

    The site is very technical in nature but does nothing to convince your visitors to call or contact you. User engagement is a critical part to the success of any website. Once you get traffic to your site you need to convert them into your customers! I know you put a lot of time and effort into your website and if I can be brutally honest… Once you fix all the SEO issues you will need to fix the customer conversion stuff… otherwise your website becomes another internet billboard that gets ignored.

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      Colin Rees

      Well I am trying to rank for “Chiropractor Omaha” “chiropractor near me” and things like that but those are some of the main words. I appreciate you being honest about it, that is what I want so I know what needs to be changed. What do you think needs to be changed?

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    Christopher Hammond

    You’re pulling a hard 14 on Google PageSpeed insights for mobile. You’re going to want to get that back into a manageable range.


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