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    Anthony Kimberley

    I am creating an email to reach out to web agencies. I need help from the fam 🙂

    What would be your suggestion for initial email (hook)? May I know what could be the reason (top 3) to outsource web designing & dev projects and what could possibly stop you?

    We are a company based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Your feedback will help us carve out a better email.


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    Andrew Nokes

    Are you offering web design to web agencies? The 1st question is if they outsource already. If they do you have a better chance to win the biz. If they don’t you need to stand out from the million emails we receive with something funny, entertaining, valuable to start a conversation.

    Agencies want less headache, white label work, quality of work, be prompt, clear grammar and communication, knowledgeable, know of problems before they arise and get shit done.

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    Colin Hodgson

    Keep it short.
    Give something valuable away for free to build the relationship. Not a consultation, I’m talking about work. Not too many are willing to do that.

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      Christopher Hammond

      Thank you! I will put that in my strategy for client acquisition!

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