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    Mahbub Ahmed

    1) GA code in wrong location.
    2) Client uploaded the html file via GTM, so I then tried GTM verification
    3) …snippet in wrong location 🤦🏻‍♀️


    Bit of a game of telephone as there are two companies between the client and I.

    Is there a way I can use GTM?

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    William Greer

    GTM, it fires after the content is loaded. May be that’s why it is not able to verify. If GA or GTM are on same email, you get to choose that option in verification.
    Other option, Download html file & upload it to public_html.

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      Barnaby Martin

      Correct it’s not verifying via GA or GTM because the snippets are not placed properly.

      I only have access to their GTM.

      Is there a way to place a meta tag directly into the header on the homepage? Or another way to use GTM to complete one of the verification options?

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      Barnaby Martin

      Can I take a look of the snippet code you used in the tag, You can inbox me

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      Stephen Dalby

      the client placed the meta tag via GTM.

      I was just added as a manager, will take a look tomorrow and PM you.

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      Stephen Dalby


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