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    Peter Mellor

    After the bombardment of Google updates these past few month my visibility was 15%, down from 65% before! Felt like the market crashed, lol. So after careful consideration to making changes, I didn’t make any. I really believe Google just throws all the sites up into the air and lets them fall where they may and fight it out again. Well I’ve been increasing steadily since the “market crash” UP TO 30% viability now and these other sites that came out of nowhere, are falling back down. Moral of the story, don’t fix what is not broken and don’t believe the “Google Update” is always an update.

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    Richard Fisher

    Wise words – just make sure it’s the best it can be. Don’t make changes for changes sake.

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      Siobhan Newman

      Def, My biggest problem is the limitations using SquareSpace to build the site. But all in all I tweak what I can and keep my eye on things daily. Cheers!

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      Michal Kahn

      Changes can be small. Googles algorithms does have a freshness factor, so actually this isn’t sound advice. I’ve seen clients get to the top just by making small changes to content on a regular basis – updating a title here, place an internal link there – rewrite a little copy to make it clearer – fix images on an article etc.

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      Nicola Hawkins

      Word of advice. Get the hell off SquareSpace asap.

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      Sarah Foster

      Yes, I hear you. Baby steps.

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      Sarah Foster

      I would make the jump to Shopify asap. It’s just going to save you a headache in the long run.

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      Ann Sutton

      Yea, I actually started making a new site on Shopify. I need to finish it up. I’ll be on Amazon soon as well.

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    Gregory Loudon

    Most people struggle with making any choice if they’re presented to more than 6 options at a time, and I think that struggle is very real if you’ve already smoked a blunt when you’re making it. You should have a designer go through your site to clean it up as it looks and feels messy now. It’s just too much stuff to consider for any user who drops by and it seems out-of-order. Just my honest opinion, UX actually matters to SEO performance and I believe you got the content right – loved your cookie disclaimer and believe you got the tone-of-voice right as well.

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      Gregory Loudon

      Yea, I can go through it and clean it up. I can appreciate what you’re saying. It’s was ranking for like 10 keywords at one point. It’s a process. I try to make small changes here and there and then leave it for a few months to see what happens. I think too many changes at once and you don’t get a clear picture of what actually worked.

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    Terence Murphy

    Visibility? Is that a SerpStat metric? Wouldn’t put too much trust in that. How’s your traffic doing?

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      Syed Shah

      80 hits a day up to 120 when it was doing better. I was just gaining traction and got hit hard all at once. I have a small budget with this project and considering I think it’s doing pretty good. And the visibility was just one metric but I lost keywords and page rankings. Had 9 page 1’s at one point. I know my stats are not great and eventually I will redo the site in Magento probably.

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