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    Neil Ludlow

    Hopefully someone here can help. My client is getting registration emails from her website.

    The thing is the web site is password protected and there is nowhere for them to register. She’s not even sure she knows who the people are.

    Is anyone familiar with this?

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    Colin Hodgson

    In Settings > General under “Membership” is the box for “Anyone can register” checked? If so, uncheck it and save settings. (and the registrations are most likely bots)

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      Christopher Hammond

      Thank you! I’ll check it out!

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      Simon Scott

      I made the change. Hopefully that’s all there was.

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      Simon Scott

      I wonder how the bots found her website in the first place. It’s password protected.

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      Simon Scott

      Does not mean the site cannot be found, just that protected pages won’t be indexed.

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