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    Timothy Holmes

    Hello ninjas, since last few days I’m facing a strange issue in conversion rate.

    I am getting clicks and traffic is mainly from buyer intent keywords but I am not getting sales. My current conversion rate is around 0.72%.

    My product is priced between $30-150 and is in the Home improvement niche.

    Articles are loaded with all information, specifications, pros and cons, and social proofs.

    Still I am not getting conversions. Your help would be appreciated. TIA.

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    Giacomo Pieri

    I would initially set up something like HotJar and do some screen recordings to see what people look at/ click and see if any improvements can be made.

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    Richard Putt

    Did you have a look at Paul’s review post tutorial? Have a look and see if there’s anything you can add or tweak to improve it.

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      Denise Wilcock

      I’m near to exact pattern according to the tutorial.
      I am also getting enough of clicks.
      Proofread all the articles and cross checked all the details. Everything is alright. But clicks are not getting converted into orders.

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      Roelof Kramer

      If you’re getting clicks but no buys then it might be something to do with the product or offer perhaps.

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      Richard Grayson

      I have record of number of reviews for each product while writing articles. In most of the products number of reviews are increased can we count it as an indicator that product is getting sold?

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      John Reyers

      Is it a clickbank product? If so then the gravity should give you some idea. If not then I’m not sure how to check if it’s selling or not.

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      Ryan Richardson

      Amazon Associate?

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      Christopher Hammond

      yeah buddy.

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      Syed Shah

      Have the same issue mate yesterday and today conversion rate is absurdly low… the traffic and clicks hasn’t changed.

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      Richard Grayson

      I am 100% sure it has nothing to do with the content itself because the traffic is going to the same pages that convert.

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      Simon Chapman

      Yeah. I’m facing it since last 10-15 days actually.

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      Colin Rees

      I want to see how my site will perform in the next 2 days … I am a bit concerned to be honest.

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      Elizabeth Allen

      Same here mate.
      I am finding solution since last 5 days but failed.
      Checked everything and analysed everything.

      Now, next thing I’m planning is to change the links.
      It could be some sort of glitch from Amazon’s side as well. (Just my opinion.)

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      Keith Simpson

      Yeah possibly, I will also change the links if this continues.. keep me updated if your conversion rate is back to normal.

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      Denise Wilcock

      yeah sure.

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    Richard Fisher

    In the USA, The Holidays are Creeping up on us. Folks will be spending more money on Holiday season gifts and such. I always take time off internet .marketing till after the New Year. Anything not Christmas gift oriented will not sell well this time of year. That’s been MY experience. It may not be yours. Good luck to you.

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    Nadine Cairns

    How are you calculating conversion rate? Total purchases upon your website hits? If that is the case then around 1-2% is a good number for conversion. If you have to increase conversion then you will have to increase your click through rate of the Amazon associate link on your site. How is the click through rate for you now? Mine is around 50%.

    You can do this by various ways – using a comparison table with links to Amazon, using links which are not the typical “Check price on Amazon” but like “check the ergonomic design”, etc.

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    John Reyers

    What is your daily traffic?

    You can’t really go off 10-20 visitors a day as that is a very limited amount of visitors to calculate anything.

    Clicks are not converting to sales means you haven’t told them how much they “NEED” the product.

    The higher priced ticket means your difficulty will go up so you need to build more trust in the first review article.

    When it comes to something like furniture it really has to be unique or rarer than say something you buy at your local furniture store.

    So you want to show how not many people have it or what features it has over typical pieces of furniture.

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