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    Anthony Andrews

    I have a problem:

    1. I deactivated the really simple SSL plugin and lost my admin login but around the same time I activated webarx so I don’t know for sure it was Really Simple SSL but the moment I clicked deactivate I got a not found page and lost admin, I only got back in by activating it again deactivating webarx through WordPress jetpack admin that was open in another tab. How can I find out what the problem is and what plug in is the cause?
    2. The reason I was doing it was because I can’t find my RSS feed and think it might be due to the SSL being activated recently, I’ve tried all possible URLs for the feed but keep getting page not found. Would the change to HTTPS cause issues with the RSS?
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    • This topic was modified 7 months ago by   Peter Wootton.
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    Dawn Horton

    Real simple SSL might have created a redirect that is causing the issue .. have you tried clearing you caches.

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    Denise Wilcock

    I will try to clear cache and I did a check for the RSS feed and there’s a broken link plus some image files have broken links and are wrongly coded or something. It tells me what line the code is on that needs fixing but I don’t know how to do it. Looks like a learning curve coming up for me. Any advice is appreciated and welcome. It’s an anonymous project I’m working on so I can only share the link privately sorry.

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    David James

    Don’t use a plugin for SSL. Change the URL in the site settings back to HTTP and clear the cache. Then disable Webarx. Again purge your cache, reset your browser. I’d also disable Jetpack as this IMO causes more issues then prevents.

    Once this is all done, make sure you have the SSL cert from the hosting provider, go back into the site settings and put in the HTTPS for the web URL. Look at the site and make sure it loads properly. If the ssl key is broken, use inspect element and click on the security on the console to uncover the issues. Get those resolved.

    Then go back and activate Webarx. I would suspect Webarx and Jetpack are causing a conflict, but without have access to your error log this is just an educated guess/ assumption.

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