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    Gregory Loudon

    Hi, I was running some speed tests on a new website, I used gtmetrix and Google pagespeed insights. They both gave high results on the main page and recognized the page was compressed. But when I tested one of the blog pages they suggested to enable gzip compression. I applied gzip compression through the modification of the htaccess file, how can it be that some pages are not the compressed while others are? My host is siteground. I hope someone can help me, thanks

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    Nurul Khan

    I was wondering the same yesterday because I got the same recommendation.

    So your site is gzip compressed as a whole but some elements require an extra gzip compression which it’s difficult to be done.

    So skip it.

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      Nurul Khan

      I agree with you, but I wonder why it happens. I don’t want to add another plugin only to do what supposed to have been done already, I’m not even sure it would help.

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      Paul Davis

      Nothing would help except some htaccess coding.

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      Christopher Copp

      I did that, that’s the problem

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      Claire Wallace

      Is your page load time good for you? If yes, forget about it.

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      Anders Jensen

      The most important piece of these tests is Page Load Time. If it’s good, it doesn’t matter whether you have 23 or 123 HTTP requests.

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