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    Richard Putt

    How do I audit a site for social signals?

    I see two competing local sites, one ranks on 1st page, the other on 2nd page.

    Both use the same niche website builder, both have similar high scores in gtmetrix &

    I assume social signals is the determining factor but I don’t know how to test this assumption.

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    Peter Cronin

    Sorry but social signals are not a ranking factor. Links and citations as well as proximity are the biggest ranking factors for local SEO.

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      William Yarwood

      Got it. A lot of people keep saying that links are less and less important now days. The guys at Income School say they don’t do PBN’s, Gotch says he doesn’t do PBN’s… Is it different with local SEO?

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      Sarah Foster

      I wouldn’t agree with that statement. Social signals are used by SEO’s to justify traffic during a link building phase.

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      Sarah Foster

      The people in groups who often scream “We dont use PBN’s” the hardest, use them the most. Links are still pretty much the #1 thing in direct ranking. If you want to check for signals, use something like this to get an idea.

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      Ann Sutton

      PS. I even know “pure white-hat people” who sell links under the counter etc. So don’t always believe what those kind of people claim.

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