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    Stephen Kelly

    Sharing a small success story: One of my SEO clients was going through some serious traffic drop after taking some bad SEO services. He reached out to me in August and asked if I can show him some improvement in 3 months and based on that he would extend our contract for 2 years, plus he wasn’t willing to pay me a good amount for 3 months, I thought to say “NO” because of the 3 months period and the money he was offering.

    After a couple of our meetings, I agreed to help him out and since he had zero resources to offer for example (content, articles, a budget for off-page) so I didn’t use my time on these things and instead used my hours more on ON-page and Search console. I’ have been using approx 4 hours a week on his site.

    What I did:
    Just found pages/keywords which had low CTR, position and high impression. Started optimising those pages by just tweaking the ON Page and there you go things started to improve. This is not the only thing I did, I was also working on some backlinks and anchor redirection picking out from (Moz) lost or redirected.

    Today, I retained the client for the next 2 years and the good news is he agreed to pay me a little more than I demanded. You can see some screenshots of impression, clicks, and organic traffic.

    It isn’t a drastic improvement, but still fair enough in 3 months without using any new content and performing other activities.

    The only purpose to share this is to motivate you guys and “Do not say NO to a client who isn’t willing to pay you enough initially”, but once results are achieved, ask as much as you want and try your luck and see if you can retain them.

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    Nicola Hawkins

    Did you ever figure out exactly what wrongdoing the other services did?

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      Richard Putt

      They hardly did anything, all the work that agency did I got it from the client was “excessive directory submission list, SEO audit report from free tool and some keywords lists also content wasn’t keyword optimised” So I hardly see anything useful – the basic weren’t there as well.” That’s why few on page tweaks did the work for me.

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      Roelof Kramer

      Easy client there, good for you.

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      William Souter

      True, but the time frame wasn’t that good.

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      Sinead McEvoy

      That is true, but if the on-page is so bad, it is almost impossible not to improve SEO within in a short period of time.

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      John Reyers

      Good little case to show for beginners – where SEO does matter.

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      Siobhan Newman

      Yes, that’s why ON Page is the backbone of the SEO and what’s more important to me that I retained the client for 2 years.

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