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    Shon Powell

    Will having a LinkedIn profile give me good SEO boost?

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    Nadine Cairns

    No, alone it’s kinda useless.

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      Jenette Bush


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      Geoffrey Claughton

      Social media accounts on their own don’t provide much link juice, but of course if you have decent social media visibility (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) it may help but alone they don’t do the job.

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      David James

      It’s not searchable and it’s a profile. It doesn’t provide a good SEO boost.

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      Giacomo Pieri

      LinkedIn is indexed…

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      William Souter

      It is as much as fb twitter and IG but they don’t help with rankings except in extreme cases where your posts on social media gets viral or your page has a lot of activity.

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      Michal Kahn

      What works nowadays to help boost rankings?

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    John Reyers

    Yes, in a way. If it’s just about branding Linkedin profiles rank near the top due to very low SPAM. If it’s for a website then I don’t believe so but I can’t see how it would hurt you.

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    David James

    Just having a profile is useless. Utilising it and using it, will help!

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    Richard Fisher

    I thought it would pass a bit of PR7 juice my way.

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    Roelof Kramer

    SEO boost NO -Branding Boost yes. Profile links serve as good foundation links – that’s it

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    Syed Shah

    LinkedIn profile or “link in profile” like what people do on Instagram?

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    Siobhan Newman

    Essentially it’s a nofollow link. So there is no inherent SEO value. (However whether social signals do impart some kind of SEO value hasn’t been 100% disproven). Not to mention you’re getting some link diversity there.

    But, what I can say is that you could at least drive some direct referral traffic, as well as developing a signal of trust as you’re putting a name out there, and potentially use it to retarget, and almost “hit people from multiple angles”.

    So short answer – there may be no SEO boost, but it’s still got value in terms of contributing to your overall digital strategy.

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    Dawn Cotton

    It’s worked for me – my LinkedIn is usually the top 2 results if someone searches my name on google. Can someone please explain how it works?

    • #6069

      John Reyers

      LinkedIn has little to no SPAM due to the nature of it’s network so Google see’s LinkedIn profiles as highly credible.

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