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    Belinda Marsh

    Hey ladies and gents,

    Hope you’re all well today. Just wanted some thoughts outside my own head about a client I’m working with.

    Current Situation: Client is in quite a tight-knit niche in the writing space. She was ranking 6th when I took her on in April. Slowly got her to 4th, 3rd and eventually hit number 1 last month. Used mostly outreach and nailed some strong links.

    Seems to be a shake up in her niche lately as at the start of the month, we’re down to to 7/8. Seems to have hit our competitors too, so don’t think there’s specifics going wrong with us, though we’ve decreased most.

    Few thoughts from me:

    – She doesn’t have any social signals. I’ll make this my first port of call
    – She’s recently had about 12 more main pages built out and added them to sub-navigation AND added the same links into footer navigation. I’m thinking this could be a culprit
    – Noticed her anchor text is over-optimised towards her keyword (always has been without Google giving a shit). Going to grab some brand mentions/naked links to dilute this anyway
    – Quite a bit of over-optimisation on the homepage and new pages (we looked at the number 1 ranking competitor at the time and went slightly LESS aggressive than them – they’re no longer number 1)
    – Backlink profile: We have the most referring domains out of our competitors, but they have more ‘overall’ links. Our DA is higher than any of competitors
    – Homepage word count: Much greater than our competitors by a long shot. We have a lot of quality blog posts/inner pages too.

    Besides the fixes I’ve mentioned (social signals, link velocity, dilute on+off page anchors, remove inner page links from footer etc), anything else y’all can think of? Hopefully got it covered but 1000’s of heads are better than one.

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    Peter Wootton

    Cannabalisation from new pages?

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      Ryan Richardson

      Could be. I’ll check a little more thoroughly but they’re all different services/keyword focuses, so I think it should be OK in that regard. Will double check though. Was definitely a problem I fixed for her in the beginning as she had the homepage and an inner page targeting the same keyword. Thanks for the idea man

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    Christopher Hammond

    Do bounce rate check once

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    Roger Howard

    I think the Medic update hit the writing niche fairly hard. You’re not the first person in the writing niche I’ve seen with this issue. Everyone talks about the health and YMYL niches being hit by Medic, but anything that involves E-A-T (like writing) will get hit if they’re not building up their reputation.

    Does she have an About page? Does she have bios in her guest posts off-site or her blog articles on-site? Have you tried getting her verified on Google so the little “famous person” widget appears in the knowledge panel?

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      Kate Boulton

      Was definitely in line with the medic update. She doesn’t want to be the “face” of the company. More like a brand. Social signals could be used for reputation building right? She has an about page. The post bios are a very good point. She just has them as the brand name. Really nice food for thought. Thanks!

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