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    Rollo Bowden

    What is the best strategy to build back links without getting penalised by google?

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    Denise Kemp

    First… Publish something worth linking to. Then… Promote it.

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      Barnaby Martin

      I know that content is the queen, back-linking is the king, my question is about the back linking.

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      Judith Atkinson

      It’s an involved process, but…
      1) Figure out how you’ll pitch your content as you write it. Allow that to influence what you write.
      2) Build a long list of target sites and contacts.
      3) Write your pitch email.
      4) Send the pitch email to 100 different target contacts every day.

      Keep at it.

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      Ryan Richardson

      Here we go 🙂 Thanks a lot. That’s a real good strategy.

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    Peter Mellor

    I don’t build back links, i just earned it.

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    Michael Walmsley

    You can earn back links if you already in the top 10 on serp’s and have good contents to link to.

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    Anders Jensen

    Use branded anchor text in contextual text (inside an articles), doesn’t matter whether you earn or buy links from a bloggers, you’ll be fine.

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    Syed Shah

    Back links are the end product of the high quality content you’re supposed to be writing.

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    Martin Chaplin

    Rent them.

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    John Reyers

    Something that is cool, is… find a competitor, go to ahrefs and review their (back links – lost) and dump them as a list, then trawl through the linking pages and see what they were expecting, make that, then contact the site that used to link to your competitor and explain that you have this awesome bit of content that they would love.

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