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    Christopher Hammond

    If a link shows no attributes about dofollow or nofollow, how would I know if it sends me link juice? Should I ask the one placing the link to add rel=”dofollow”?

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    Mark Morris

    All links are followed unless stated otherwise.

  • #7203

    Rollo Bowden

    If the article has been posted then check the source code.

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    Keith Simpson

    I’ve never heard of “dofollow” since that’s the default. It is not needed. Just check that the source code does not have NOfollow.

  • #7205

    Nicola Hawkins

    Besides source, check if there is a nofollow scheme in robots.txt and as well check if there are http-headers nofollowing all links in that page.

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      Jamie Stewart

      Yeah, I was looking for an answer like this. Thanks!

  • #7207

    Nicola Hawkins

    A dofollow tag isn’t needed. So long as the page isn’t blocked or there’s no nofollow tag, you can assume the link can pass equity.

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