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    Timothy Mason

    I have a question concerning redirect/removal of a page. It might be that its been a subject already, but I don’t know with which term to come up with to get to the answer in Google nor here.

    I have redirected a decent ranking landing page to my home page.

    The landing page was made on the top keyword, but the home page has more authority and is used by many visitors as a direct search query too.

    Strategy is to get the home higher in the rank by more back links and to focus the keyword on just this page.

    The redirect worked, but the redirected page original URL is still ranking the same and my home page still isn’t ranking.

    Can I safely tell Google to remove the old URL from the index and will my homepage take over on the same rank as the old page? And do I need to remove the page as a whole from my website?

    My concern is that if I remove the old URL I won’t turn up anymore period.

    But I know that if my home shows up it will be a great boost.

    Time on page is great and Hotjar show a long “warm” scroll. Conversion is great too.

    What is the best way to go?

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    James Chalmers

    Don’t remove from indexing.

    Google will remove it, if you’ve used 301 redirection method and done everything in right way.

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      Walter Kay

      Thank you.

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