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    Dawn Horton

    When Do You Take The Time To Read New SEO Blog Posts?

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    Peter Wootton

    I read early in the morning about 5:00 am at least 12 to 15 pages a day from books and 3 to 5 industry blog posts weekly.

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      Colin Hodgson

      Daily either early morning or late night.

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    Sarah Radford

    Morning and night. I try not to read in the middle of the day.

    What about you?

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    Peter Wootton

    Always love to read new blogs and right now I’m enjoying my vacation with my wife. Today is the special day, coz her birthday

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    Judith Atkinson

    Generally in the night. sometimes during the day.

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    Nadine Cairns

    Mostly in the morning. If something really seems deeply interesting, anytime.

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