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    Elizabeth Allen

    How do I vet/qualify prospects (or should I skip this?) without investing in semrush, or ahrefs? Is there a good-enough tool that’s free so I can get my first client?

    A member here helped me out by sending me a spreadsheet of local prospects, so now I’m trying to check each prospect before sending a cold email. Some of the prospects are bad leads, and some rank on page 1 but the tool thinks they don’t. How should I proceed?

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    Dairmuid Gallagher

    Why not google around and just check for prospects on page 2+? It’s free and won’t require a lot of work. It’d be less work than checking every URL against a tool.

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    Claire Wallace

    PM’d you.

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    Claire Wallace

    The updated UberSuggest can pretty much do what you want, and for a free tool, it’s pretty damn robust. You type in the keyword, it gives you search volume, CPC, search difficulty (take with a massive bag of salt), but very handily shows you the SERP results too. You can scroll as far down as you like as far as I’m aware. That should hook you up for prospecting clients past the 1st page.

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