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    Martin Fieldhouse

    Hey folks please help… I have noticed when running a Screaming Frog crawl that this page…/ is non-indexable. The crawl also shows that it is canonicalised (the canonical link element is…/)

    Can anyone tell me why this is causing the page to be non-indexable?

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    Anders Jensen

    It appears that this page is indexed….

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      Peter Wootton

      Thanks. Still puzzled by why screaming frog says it’s not indexable…

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      Nadine Cairns

      Not sure why, if you send me a screenshot though I might be able to shed some light.

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      Kate Boulton

      Will send later, on a different PC for most of the day, thx

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    Neil Ludlow

    No trailing slash on the URL but trailing slash on the canonical?

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