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    Simon Chapman

    Am moving a site to a new domain completely, how to least impact SEO for the site without harming the sites last couple of years worth of SEO & gaining rankings is the question.

    I have a client who would like to buy a new domain name and literally move their site to the new domain name which is completely different. Any suggestions on how to do this with the least negative SEO impact.? My opinion is once you redirect the current domain name to the new domain all SEO will break. Any suggestions? Thanks

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    Peter Wootton

    301 Redirect every page perfectly and you should be fine.

    Make sure you create a new page for every old page, and try keeping the same title and describe tags.

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      George Bushell

      Thank you, which tool do I use for this ? I would have to put a redirect on the one site to the new one correct?

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      Catherine Monk

      It’s worth consulting with an expert before proceeding.

      You should know that nothing is 100% guaranteed.

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      Roger Howard

      If you are using WP, then you can use a plethora of tools, like Yoast (premium), 301 redirects, etc… if you have a custom site, then you can use this tool if you don’t know how to code ->…/redirect-generator.html i don’t know the tool so don’t get me wrong. Just trying to help

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      Stephen Dalby

      Also, I recommend to add both sites in Google Webmaster Tools and then use the “Change of Address” option. This will tell Google what you are doing and the links replacement will go better with minimum risk.

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      John Morrison

      Thank you, is this in the new webmaster tools or old one? I have not seen this.

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      Michal Kahn

      I was going to use all in one WP migration and migrate with a name change and put a redirect on the old domain name, is this the correct strategy? thank you.

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      Anders Jensen

      The old tools. Yes this is the correct strategy. But before making the redirect be sure to verify both sites in WMT. And then start the “change of address” process. There are some easy steps there you need to follow.

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      Nadine Cairns

      And as mentioned earlier….. Keep titles descriptions and permalinks the same!!!

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    John Reyers

    For branding purposes, I did this very thing for a client last year. It is a rafting company, they were using the domain “” but the company is Pangaeariverrafting, LLC. I wanted brand congruency, so we moved the site to With this company, I have a short window to work as I do not like making significant changes during the rafting season, which runs from April until Mid-Sept.

    I did this for branding purposes. It is not real hard to get rafting keywords in a rafting site.

    You do want to use the change of address in SC to let Google know what you are doing.

    The result. That was the only real change we made to the site last year. We had an increase of about 16% traffic over the previous year.

    It took about 90 days for traffic to rebound to normal and then from there it went up.

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      Christopher Hammond

      Thank you, re your comment “You do want to use the change of address in SC to let Google know what you are doing.”

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      Michael Walmsley

      I cant see this option in webmaster tools anywhere.
      Where do I find it if it is not here please? Any suggestions? Thanks.

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      Kate Boulton

      Use the “Gear” button. (Top – right)

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    Catherine Monk

    301 redirects (301’s)

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    Sarah Foster

    If you’re simply moving the domain, 301 to all pages and monitor 404 errors thought SC, site:”” and other tools if used

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      Sarah Foster

      Hi, thanks for this. How exactly do you do this please? I have received lots of advise but nobody advises exactly how. Do I update the DNS with a redirect and also make changes to the .htaccess or ONLY the .htaccess or other? Do I use a plugin on the old site, if it is redirected will it fire the plugin at all? cause delays in loading / other? I look forward to your response.

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    Ann Sutton

    301 magic for every single URL… I had a former supervisor that didn’t listen and the whole site tanked.. I had to spend an hour or so tracking down the issue before I noticed what he did. Mostly because he was hiding it. Worst boss ever, he literally would sabotage live client sites to set them up to get rid of them

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      Gregory Loudon

      Wouldn’t the * wildcard sort out every single URL problem? What file do you do this in? htaccess? Do you have a suggested example or format ? Thank you.

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      Gregory Loudon

      Yes the wild card should work (verify 1 to 1 matching from old to new and htaccess is one way that works

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    Terence Murphy

    Take note of the current site status, how many URLs are indexed, make a list. Create a list of all back-links. Create a 301 redirection plan, put the new URL in front of old one. When you go live, create a webmaster for the new one and put “change of address” request in the old one. Put 301 redirects using .htaccess in the root of an old site. Keep eyes on the GSC of the new website for a few weeks to track 404 .

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    Francis Brady

    Make sure you do not lose the keywords on which the current site is ranking. the new site must have healthy number of keywords as same.

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      Syed Shah

      Thank you for this. Just to clarify, do I not put any dns re-direct with the host on the old one? Do I only edit the htaccess? Thank you. am confused, I need an idiots guide explanation am worried it will not work out. Thank you.

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      Syed Shah
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    Karen Carter

    Create a .htaccess file in the root directory of your old website OR edit the htaccess that is already there (after safely making a backup of the existing one) and add the following lines exactly as they are shown while substituting ( with your new domain address:

    Options +FollowSymLinks
    RewriteEngine on
    RewriteRule (.*)$1 [R=301,L]

    Now upload the new htaccess file and anyone who visits the domain this file is hosted within will be seamlessly redirected to your new domain.

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      Karen Carter

      Will that redirect all URL’s, pages, blog posts to the correct blog posts in the new location? Thank you.

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