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    Susan Newman

    Can having the SEO title and page name/H1 be the same have a negative effect on SEO?

    My site has dropped in search results by nearly half since a year ago and I’m trying to really get in and update things that might help.

    It is in a smaller niche so ‘’m not sure what happened. I was just reading that title and H1 should not be the same.

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    Giacomo Pieri

    It should not be an issue.

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    Siobhan Newman

    No. That’s not the problem. Although I would advise anyone to take advantage of the extra space an H1 offers and put in a close variant of the primary key phrase.

    More than likely blog content cannibalising internal pages.

    That usually does it!

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      Nicola Hawkins

      Yeah I didn’t think that would be the reason necessarily but hoped it might help. What do you mean by blog content cannibalising internal pages?

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      Christopher Hammond

      Never mind. I just looked it up. I think you may be right! My website is about Soy Candle Making and I can see where there are some key phrases used on multiple pages even if I wasn’t trying to target the same phrase. I never thought of that. Guess I have some work to do!

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      Alexandra Gorman

      Great stuff!

      One page/one theme

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    David James

    I always thought it was best practice to do that. I think it also makes for a better experience too for the users. Instead of being shocked that they were taken to a place with a different title.

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      Syed Shah

      I’m not meaning a completely different title. Something very close but worded just a bit different to make use of more keyword variation is what I’ve read. I’m no expert though, this is just from some research.

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      Roelof Kramer

      A close variant is not a ‘different title’


      Meta Title

      Signed Ireland Football Memorabilia


      Signed Irish Football Team Memorabilia

      That kind of close phrase

      Probably better shorter though!

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    Giacomo Pieri

    When did it start dropping – you probably got hit by one of the updates.

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