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    Annette Morgan

    I’m busy working with a client that sporadically has ridiculously long page loading times (see pic). When looking at The various stages of page load speed (TTFB, First Paint, Contentful Paint, Domain Interactive etc). What is the stage that Google looks at when determining PLS and whether your page loads fast or not?

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    William Souter

    Wait, am I reading this correctly. The site loads in 34 seconds?

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      Syed Shah

      If that’s the case, forget about what google is looking at. Try to get that issue corrected. What’s the point of being at the top of the list when your users are getting pissed with your website? (not your site, but the client’s site).

      We always tell our clients to enhance the appearance of the website first and focus on the user. Determine the role the website plays on their day to day operations, and then market the site through Google Ads, SEO, Social, Etc.

      Just my 2 cents.

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      Nadine Cairns

      Yes, you’re reading that correctly but it’s sporadic. Sometimes it’s 3 secs and sometimes it’s 30 secs. I’m trying to establish where the problem is and at which point the site will get penalised for being slow. Basically I’m trying to build a case to prove that their Web Developers are useless and need to lift their game.

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      Margaret Clifford

      I agree. This needs to be fixed. No reputable web development team would allow this to pass. I know mine wouldn’t. As to your comment about at what point does the site get penalises for being slow. It’s not that cut and dry, but I can say that anything over 3-4 seconds is bad.

      I aim for a 1-2 second load.

      Use this tool https://tools.pingdom.com to help you determine where the issue is coming from.

      If you need help, please feel free to PM me.

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      Michal Kahn

      Also, if it’s that random with time, it could be the server is shit. I use digital ocean stacks for most of my stuff, but there’s other great choices as well.

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      Syed Shah

      That’s what I was going to say too. If it’s random, the problem may not be the website as much as it may be the server load at any given time.

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      Richard Fisher

      Yeah… be sure you are not on a shared server! I love cloud containers because they give you “dedicated” performance, but start at smaller scale than traditional dedicated servers do. So, instead of getting a literal dedicated server, you get a little slice of a giant super computer in a cloud farm, but it functions just like a dedicated. I have $10/mo cloud instances that blow away some $400/m servers from GoDaddy and the like.

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    Ryan Richardson

    Google only uses the initial page load time (without CSS, JS, and images) as an explicit ranking signal. Google only explicitly penalises very slow sites. If your site takes more than 7 seconds for the the initial HTML page, Google will de-rank your site until the performance of your server improves.

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    Geoffrey Claughton

    34 seconds??? There is something else going on. Plugins, pics, sliders…

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      Alisdair James

      Must be JavaScript.

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      Giacomo Pieri

      Yea all of that… probably the pics and if a slider is present, is the biggest problem…

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      Jenette Bush

      Like I said.. It’s sporadic. It’s not a WP site so no plugins… Sometimes the site loads in 3 secs and other times in 29 secs. There is no slider and it’s a product browse page so basically a page with links to many different products. If it were something as simple as pics then surely the PLS would be slow all the time??

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      Giacomo Pieri

      If the site load time isn’t consistent, then it’s your hosting company. I assume the customer is on a shared host. I went through that issue with WebHosting Hub, but the load time was only a 4 to 5 second different…But I do know also a lot of pics on one page can have a terrible load time if you are not caching the pics and they are not optimised or put on a CDN…

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    Alexandra Gorman

    You most likely need a CDN. try this site and see if they are one good and really bad in others it may be the issue https://www.dotcom-tools.com/website-speed-test.aspx or you have a bad network.

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    Dawn Cotton

    Where is it hosted? Is it a WordPress site? Hosting can make a big difference, especially WP-optimized hosting. Very slow page load times will negatively affect Google rankings, bounce rates, and user interaction. I would be honest with the client that he needs to fix that issue before doing anything else. Ideally you should be able to fix that for him.

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