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    Thomas Godfrey

    I am new here and hope to find some LMS users in this group. We want to move away from Teachable and are looking into WordPress LMS systems. Probably either LifterLMS OR Learn Dash.
    Are there any LMS users in this group? Which LMS are you using and why? Thanks a lot for your input and greetings from Germany!

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    Denise Kemp

    Check out Adams video on his channel about creating a course site.

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    Christopher Hammond

    I am using LearnDash. I looked at many and I am not entirely sure why I decided on LearnDash but it is super easy to use. I recommend making a list of your “must-have” requirements and then look at the 3 most popular LMS plugins and check off each item. That should get you closest to what you really need. Although basic course outline stuff is the same, they all have a few unique features. Hope this helps.

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    Roelof Kramer

    Get in touch with Paul Kowen who specialists in Learn Dash he is in Netherlands so close to you. PM me if you want his details.

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    Craig Downer

    I’m using Lifter LMS, that is, if I ever get it set up. But yes, check out Adam’s video about doing an online course with Lifter, it’s very detailed and helpful.

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    Jonathan Hayward

    I am in the process of teaching myself Lifter with Adams tutorial videos. It is slow for me.

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    Paul Humphrey

    Learn Dash

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    Peter Mellor


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