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    Denise Kemp

    Do you really need live chat plugin for your website? If you do, what plugin are you using? Assuming you selling services or product.

    I am asking because once you have live chat, visitors will expect to get fast response. If you late a bit, they might see your service is bad.

    While before that, you are okay dealing with email leads from your contact form.

    So live chat is an additional commitment, not just an additional cool feature to your website, isn’t it?

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    Stephen Dalby

    In my country, most of websites integrated the Facebook Messenger as a Live Chat. I think it depends on the customers and types of the website.

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    Stephen Dalby

    Facebook messenger seems reasonable since you are always logged in to Facebook..

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      Peter Cronin

      And you can collect a lot of data from user’s Facebook profile

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    James Chalmers

    I have implement Facebook messenger with just a snippet of code provided by Facebook, less plugins faster site.

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    Tim Westlake

    I have and think it’s great but to get around the issues you mentioned you can use FreshChat which I would use now.

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    Alexandra Gorman

    You can make a chat bot in Facebook messenger

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    Geoffrey Claughton

    I just want a good old fashioned chat room

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    Kim Honey

    Agreed! I’ve created sliding panel for pre-sale inquiry instead of live chat for that exact reasons

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    Danielle Richards

    Check out — when you’re not logged into the widget allows leaving a text message.

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    Colin Rees

    I think the real question is — do you need live chat? I manage a lot of websites, and there is a mix of answers.

    For several legal websites that I manage, there’s a “live chat” but it’s permanently on away mode where it’s just an email contact form.

    On some medical spa sites (who have a dozen personnel actually doing treatments each day and full-time secretary for answering the phone), they keep live chat with a paid human chat responder service. The service has humans who answer inquiries using scripts. A hair salon routes their chats directly to their full-time secretary.

    While businesses that only get one or two inquiries a day don’t bother with anything like online chat.

    Sites with pretty established blogs frequently do NOT want online chat, as they just get a lot of responses to their blog entries (or they selectively implement the chat code to only service pages and not blog pages).

    And some people have had good experiences with using chatbot implementations. It really depends on why visitors are on your website. Do they need questions answers which require a dialog, are you trying to get appointments booked that can’t be accomplished with an online calendar? Do you need to provide customer support inquiries or sales inquiries where people compare several services before picking one (like most hosting companies have online chat for their sales).

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