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    Allan Carey

    Link building: Is buying links from a trusted source a bad thing?

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    Peter Wootton

    No. But it depends how you are taking a link. The nature of link and type of a website decide whether link is good or bad.

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    John Reyers

    It’s kinda like speeding your not suppose to do it but everyone does it…

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    John Morrison

    You see there is an argument to take it in house but clients respond well to the guarantee of links. I don’t think they would actually care if you were to say “we’ve spent 20 hours on your account this month and achieved 5 links”.

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    Catherine Monk

    What would be a trusted source, and links from what type of source?

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      Judith Atkinson

      Guest posts.

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    Stephen Dalby

    Checkout the link neighbourhood before getting one. It shouldn’t be shady.

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      Michal Kahn

      Please can you clarify what you mean by that? Do you mean where the traffic to the website being linked from is from location wise?

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      Sarah Radford

      Look at the sites on the same server, how many are deindexed, this is indicative of a bad neighbourhood

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      George Bushell

      Yeah..that and more. Sorry for late reply.

      So you also would want to checkout the number of outbound links from the URL they will be giving us a link on, and the domain’s existing link and anchor text structure, if it’s natural/spammy/over-optimised.

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      Michael Walmsley

      Thanks that all makes sense.

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      Roger Howard

      What’s the best way to check if the sites on a particular server are de-indexed?

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      John Reyers

      Go here Then go to google search to check if it is indexed.

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    Kate Boulton

    Buying links is still a great strategy, but the key is to tier out the path. Never have bought links point to your “money site”. Instead, set-up parasite pages on high DA sites that point to your money site. You may even want to add another tier if it is a high value client.

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