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    Kara Corr

    I know this question will look silly for many here, but I still don’t quite get the topic of keywords. There are tons of articles on the types of keywords and how to find them, but how do you choose which to apply to the page and how many?

    Is there any rule of thumb or trick or it’s simply about your gut and understanding what visitors expect to see behind the main topic?

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    Alexandra Gorman

    Just pick something you feel good about. If that keyword is suggested by Google when you start typing it then it has some traffic. If the keywords are listed in the related searches by google at the end of the serps then it has traffic. Once you write your content you can continue to optimise it adding more content and keywords to it.

    After some time, you can use google console to track the keywords that it says you rank for on the 2nd-8th page that still have impressions.

    Those are the big traffic keywords. If you don’t want to use google webmaster, then keyword tools like ahref etc can find those keywords that you rank 2nd to 10th page for but you will never have the correct impressions for them. Still better than nothing.

    I made a review of a service I use, targeting the usual “service review” type keyword. Then I noticed google console said I ranked top 80 for “is service safe”, ” how does service work”. So I switched the title to those 2 keywords and jumped to the top 35 for both. The traffic is massive on the front page. Nevertheless, the traffic has doubled for that review page and I’m now ranking for stuff I had no idea or plan ranking for because I now have the DATA.

    Data that you won’t know until you jump in.

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