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    Daniel Simons

    Hi, Friends

    Sorry, maybe this is a dumb question. I got an email from a company offering Ad Exchange. Currently I am running Google Adsense on my site. I read some articles telling that Ad Exchange is safe for Adsense, but I am still lost what it is about, especially how this will affect to my Adsense performance as I am still new to it.
    So, Is anyone running Ad Exchange and Adsense at the same time? Would you mind sharing your thoughts about it and how to ensure that this company is safe?

    Thank you very much!

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    Gregory Loudon

    A random solicitation to run ads on your site?? My finger couldn’t hit the Delete key fast enough.

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      Terence Murphy

      Yeah, you are right. I’m still looking for some details from the company. Some others usually offer a guest post, but this one offering Ad Exchange.

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