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    Giacomo Pieri

    Hi together,

    i want to begin a e-commerce business from abroad in the USA. For that i need some answer, i can get here maybe from people who was deal already with those things and have experience in this things.

    Please answer me only, if you know for sure how its working, or where i could find those answers.

    1. As foreigner (German citizen), how i do get an EIN number to import good to the USA?

    2. Is there any company in the USA that do for me the take care about the import like customs, paying the duties and fees, unloading the containers from the ship, forward it to the fulfilment warehouse, do the kitting and assembling, store it and finally deliver it as soon the clients do the order?

    3. If there is no company or companies who can take care about everything from #2, which companies can you recommend that are according your experience 100% reliable, serious and professional and as well cost efficient?

    Thank you for your help!

    Wish you a great & successful rest week

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    Catherine Monk

    Stripe atlas can solve all your problems. They basically allow entrepreneurs (outside US) to register United States entity, open up a bank account for you and you can start collecting payments in your US Bank account.

    And I think stripe atlas needs an invite link for sign up. Dm if you need that. Happy to help.

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      Michal Kahn

      Thank you very much. But the rest I need to know, any answer for that as well?

      PS: yes, would appreciate an invite link.

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