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    Jenny Ting

    I’ve been trying to cater content based on popular keywords for my services. For example in Search Console I see “wedding photographer services” is a popular term so I created wedding-photographer-services.html and customised the content on that page. My question is do I need to internally link that page on my site or can it just sit in root? Does it need to be hyper/cross/internally linked?

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    Siobhan Newman

    A few tips for you. Yes you’ll want to add internal links. Also you’ll want to make it easy for google to rank you within your local area. So creating content on say the “top 10 places in [your area] for the perfect wedding shot” will help you to rank. Also make sure your business is listed on “Google My Business”.

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      Giacomo Pieri

      How extensive does the linking have to be? Can it be in footer with internally linked keywords or does it have to be part of the main navigation?

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      Simon Chapman

      Linking works best when it’s within the content. Menu/Footer links don’t carry much weight. Link where it make sense.

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