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    Walter Kay

    I have been reading several recent posts on here regarding back links and how important they are or aren’t. Opinions differ greatly from one SEO expert to another in terms of the following:

    • Quality – v – Quantity
    • Relevance to your niche
    • Importance Google now places on the versus how it did in the past
    • PBN – v – Outreached links

    I understand Google’s objective is to make money and sustain it’s position as the #1 search engine andtherefore use its algos to ensure the best user experience. I also understand making it difficult to rank on page one means companies will spend on AdWords as there are obviously limited organic positions.

    I guess my question is why would Google place so much importance on back links when it must know they are manipulated by SEO experts like you guys. Surely that doesn’t guarantee the best user experience?

    I’m guessing their original intent was for quality backlinks to lend authority to sites providing customers with the best information based on their search term?

    Surely at some point they will tweak their algo to sniff out what are obviously bought links and those manipulated via PBNs?

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    Peter Wootton

    IMHO, Google does not place as much emphasis on back links as it did in the past.

    The main emphasis is on whether the content answers the query and then will take into account other factors including back links, bounce rate etc in determining positions.

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    Peter Wootton

    I know it was a bit of an uneducated post and I appreciate the help you and others give freely on here to help others understand how Google works.

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      Peter Wootton

      Not an uneducated post at all especially as no one knows 100% how Google works.

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      Peter Wootton

      And as we all know Google is constantly changing how it works!

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    Peter Wootton

    This is why my team does not build websites but concentrates on creating quality press releases to spread the news across hundreds of online news outlets. All linking back to your site.

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