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    Danielle Richards

    My Client Site’s SPAM score is 4 according to the Moz index. How can I reduce it?

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    Ryan Richardson

    Disavow spammy backlinks.

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      Nicola Hawkins

      Done, but that’s done in Google Webmaster Tools. I am talking about the Moz index.

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      David James

      Have you bought a Moz subscription?

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      Elizabeth Allen

      Google webmaster is all that matters, not Moz.

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      Christopher Hammond

      Yeah but his clients wants to remove it from the Moz index. I am sure there would be an option to disavow links in moz’s tool itself if you have bought the subscription.

      Moz shows your spam score high because they want you to buy the subscription.

      Either way you can contact the owner of website who are passing you bad backlinks and ask them to remove or no follow it.

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      Nadine Cairns

      I checked it in moz pro. The client previously brought $5 pbn links so there is no scope of link removal.

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      John Reyers

      Well, then you need to convince your client that you have fixed the issue and Moz metrics are not going to affect the rankings in any way. Also, you can contact Moz and report this issue. Maybe they can help you with this.

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    Syed Shah

    Use the disvow tool and do natural back-linking which should not effect your off-page activities.

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    Roger Howard

    Remove Spammy links.

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    Giacomo Pieri

    Moz calculates the spam score based on back-links profiles. All you need to do is back-links audit find spam links & disavow them. It’s gonna take some time. Hope this helps.

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    David James

    What metrics do you guys use to determine which links are Spammy.

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      Richard Grayson

      Check Moz.

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    Roelof Kramer

    I was told to ignore the spam score. It isn’t just based on links and apparently has no effect on ranking. It’s just a metric Moz made up.
    I asked not long ago because I have a 9 year old domain that I’ve never used. Has no links to it it was just bought and forgotten about. It has a spam score of 9. How does that work?

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      Jenette Bush

      Do you think it’s their marketing trick to sell their software?

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      John Reyers

      I don’t know. I think it’s just a load of BS. My domain has never been indexed so I have no idea what that metric is based off. The only thing the domain has is age.

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      Paul Davis

      Have you check the links of your domain?

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      Michal Kahn

      Yes, it has none.

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      David James

      Then it’s definitely their marketing trick.

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      Richard Fisher

      I wouldn’t start disavowing links to try and get that score down. You’ll probably do more damage than good.

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    Richard Grayson

    Thanks friend

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    Abdirizak Yusuf

    I just checked. How does Moz calculate spam score and it turns out it is not just based on the links. They have 27 different signals to calculate the spam score. You may wanna make sure you are fixing all these signals and then wait.

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    Sinead McEvoy
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    Alexandra Gorman

    Build better links to credible sources. Bring up the websites credibility instead of trying to undo anything.

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