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    Mina Patel

    Anyone has an idea of how long can it take while Google starts showing stars rating in my SERP snippet after I installed a rich snippets WP plugin and set it up? I did it a month ago, but the stars are still not showing.

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    Stephen Dalby

    Hi Google doesn’t display organic stars on Homepage of any website, only on sub-pages, category pages, or another type of page/posts that you choose.

    You can only put them on up to 7 pages, otherwise Google might penalise your site for Rich Snippet Spamming (trying to add Review Rich Snippets to too many pages).

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      Christopher Hammond

      Where you got that star ratings 7 page limit from?

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      Catherine Monk

      John Mueller said that in Google webmaster hangout almost 3-4 years ago…

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      Kate Boulton

      Well I’m still to see that apply irl, for as long as the right type of schema is used. I’ve only seen it when a roundup post uses a single product review stars. John Mueller is fake news

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      Jonathan Hayward

      I have added the stars rating only to one of my blog posts (not homepage).

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