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    Neil Ludlow

    Recovering from the August 1st update – all testing has failed. Any advice?

    Below is what I’ve tried:

    1. Building more authoritative links to my site
    2. Created a full 2000 word about us page
    3. Overhauled all content massively (over 700+ articles)
    4. Removed all up-sell links within the content (leaving 100% pure “MC” (main content) as per the reviewer guidelines)
    5. Improved site EAT to the best of my ability
    6. Created a YouTube channel with high quality videos to help support my sites authority
    7. Doubled my content output
    8. Made sure the site load time is lightening fast

    The site is still losing keywords and rankings. Honestly it seems unrecoverable at this point.

    Fun facts:

    Site is in nutrition niche
    all my content is written by experts
    All content out-links to high authoritative sources to back up statements

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    Syed Shah

    Buy some ads in an indirect way, they boost rank.

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      Karen Carter

      Care to explain, or do you have any source/articles related?

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      Jenette Bush

      It does not directly effect your rank but indirect factors that it does effect does increase your rank. I’ll see if I can find links but mostly I check groups for that question and it was 100% everyone agreed their rank increased with ads.

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    Jenette Bush

    I am pretty sure I heard that certain categories on Google took a massive hit. I could be wrong but it sounds like your niche was likely one that took a hit. Google is sorting through and weeding out websites with piss poor content or websites for the sole purpose of being completely affiliate based. I would just weather the storm and see what happens a month or so down the line.

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      Stephen Hankinson

      Thanks man, that’s what i thought as well.

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      Margaret Clifford

      I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being completely affiliate based, unless that’s coming at the expense of the user. For each page that loses ranking, another one gains, regardless of the niche.

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      Ann Mawson

      Yup… I’m not doing anything. I’m just gonna let it climb back by itself. There is nothing wrong with my pages. I think Google just likes to throw the sites into the air and see where they fall and from there they let them fight it out again. I’m not gonna do shit as It usually ends up making things worse. I was 62% visibility last month, but now I’m at 25% and slowly climbing back up.

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    James Hubbard

    What did you do to overhaul the content?

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      Nicola Baillie

      I’d like to know as well. I’ve generally been recommending a lot of content consolidation and improvement, as well as removing links to money pages.

      It sounds like you’ve done that already? If so, how long ago? Maybe you just need to be patient.

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      Benjamin Donner

      Just overall improved it, increased the length and removed money-page links (did nothing but TANKED the site’s revenue).

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    Benjamin Donner

    It’s the Google Dance.

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    Ann Bentley

    I have a similar story. Am currently in the process of re-launching a previous version of the site. And when that’s been live a few days, I’m taking us back to the former domain the business used to run on. Back when we owned our entire niche, every damned keyword, every damned place. IF I COULD TURN BACK TIME!!!!

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      Mohammed Sarwar

      I’m doing all this shit and night because i tried to quit SEO and took a day job in metal fabrication and logistics. I love my day job. But now I have to do both. FML

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      Mohammed Sarwar

      My site lost half its’ rankings when I botched a name change August 2017. It was about 3/4 back when the August 18th thing happened and just wiped us off the board. My life sucked before, but pretty much went straight to hell after. Absolutely nothing we’ve tried has worked whatsoever. NOTHING. zero effect.

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      David Ranson

      The fact that my new day job regularly demands 10-12 hour days, and 6 of them per week – just to stay on the horse – makes it even better.

      At this point I regularly go in to work at 3-4am just so i can get home at an hour when my baby girl is awake, see her for 15 minutes and then go work for hours on end into the evening on f’n seo/web/bs.

      Seriously F google for putting me in this position.

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      Ann Mawson

      It’s not just you I have several sites and most have tanked. I have trimmed content etc. but nothing. As far as it being because of being affiliate I don’t buy that because there are some major affiliates banking it right now their content is crap but they have a ton of back-links.

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    Robert Voss

    The main thing to keep in mind is all your hard work may not be rewarded until the next major algorithm update.

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    Robert Voss

    Bear in mind that it’s not “necessarily” content related. I mean it could be that Google just hates you, or is maybe undecided and punishing you anyway, or because you’re a health related site and Google only sends people to a non-health related sites. Although it might not be.

    You shouldn’t rule out there being a specific issue that has nothing to do with content or affiliate links.

    In my experience there can be issues that go unnoticed for months whilst the site is losing traffic and haemorrhaging revenue without any apparent reason.

    Blaming Google is convenient, but don’t do it until you’ve tested EVERY other possible scenario.

    An example is an eCommerce site I worked on recently that was lightning fast, had great content, loads of high-quality back-links, and all on-page stuff was good.

    Over the course of six months they’d gone from ranking in the first few results for a LOT of keywords and getting around 150k organic visits/ month, to only getting 60k. There was a line of rogue code on every single product page that they had failed to detect, causing certain product variations to redirect the user to the wrong product. We fixed this and within days traffic turned around and started to rise. 8 weeks later they were back up to 90k, and growing.

    So keep testing, keep looking for things you may have missed, focus on user experience, check your internal links, and don’t assume you’re getting punished for content or being an affiliate site (although you might be).

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    Robert Skinner

    Checked if your site has been scraped and someone else might rank for it?

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