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    John Churchill

    Have any of y’all done SEO for a website using go daddy go central website builder? My second potential client had there website built on this format. I’m wondering if it worth trying to get them to switch to WordPress or to just stay with GoDaddy?

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    Elizabeth Allen

    Depends on site aesthetics and number of pages… but usually it does pay off to convert the site over to a better platform.

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      Simon Chapman

      It’s a small site currently 5 pages. It’s a motorcycle training/ safety school.

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      Keith Simpson

      Definately convert it then.

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    Richard Grayson

    GO DADDY is tooo limited

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    Roelof Kramer

    Bring them to the golden world of WordPress

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    John Reyers

    This is a big red flag for me. Generally, people who use GoDaddy’s site builder really don’t have a grasp on how important digital marketing is, and often times don’t have a big enough budget for it. If they are willing to convert, then great. If not, I would be very wary of taking them on as a client.

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      David James

      I agree with you. But it might not be a budget issue, just a marketing knowledge issue like he said. FWIW I’d see if they were open to switching to WordPress– would work better for them in the long-run.

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    Michal Kahn

    HTML is the best (or custom CMS), WordPress is the second best for SEO. Sometimes you need to tweak every little thing in code to get perfect on-page signals.

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    Denise Wilcock

    If you want to know how to get perfect on-page signals feel free to PM. Happy to share some knowledge.

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