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    Gerard Preston

    I found out the other day, that most of my emails, using getresponse, end up in peoples spam folder. Even getresponse emails to myself don’t make it to my inbox. In your experience, which email auto-responder is most trustworthy and provides the best results?

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    Dairmuid Gallagher

    I seriously think email marketing is going the way of the dinosaur for this reason. I work for a telecommunications company and talk to people everyday about the spam sent to their emails and people don’t want their emails bombarded by people trying to sell them stuff anymore. People are getting wise to it and sending affiliates straight to spam.

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    Geoffrey Claughton

    Are these double opt ins?

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      Roger Howard


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    Alisdair James

    Have you made sure that it’s not the content of your emails?

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      Jenette Bush

      It’s just some plain text, so I doubt it’s the content.

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      William Trimble

      It could be links inside or not verified domain for example even if it’s just plain text.

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