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    Craig Downer

    I would like to generate leads and sell these leads to various local businesses. Any advice on what approach to take would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Andrew Nokes

    Create local lead gen websites, rank them, install call tracking, start generating leads, and sell them to local businesses.

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      Jamie Stewart

      What would you use to create the local lead gen websites?

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      Rollo Bowden

      The easiest method for me is to use a WordPress site. But If you are not a website developer and you can’t build it yourself, partner up with someone who can. The other party builds the websites, you rank them.

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      Jansen Smith

      Are there any WP themes or plugins that you recommend to build the site with?

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      Mark Morris

      I rarely use themes due to limitations, but I believe you can find something decent on theme forest.

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