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    David James

    Hey guys – Google gives away free collateral. I use this to share with my clients and do the order for them. It adds more value and they appreciate it a lot. I hope this helps. Happy Friday everyone.

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    Peter Wootton

    I watched the video. Thanks for sharing. Can you elaborate on how an SEO agency or freelancer should use this free marketing material from Google?

    (Ironically, I think loom is also a great tool to help SEO agencies and freelancers communicate to their clients.)

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      Rollo Bowden

      I use this to be the Authority / Moderator of information to my clients and prospects. If a client:
      I call, email, sms, reach them and get them excited that we can now claim free material to promote our business with the backing and good graces of Google.

      1. It establishes you as the holder of information
      2. They appreciate the material
      3. It opens up a great conversation
      4. Deters them from entertaining other solicitors
      5. There’s more added value that can be presented.

      1. Call me back, I want to help you claim your free promotional kit compliments of google while they are still offering marketing collateral to promote your business. It’s all free.
      2. Opens the door to a low pressure dialog about helping them with paid services while leading w tangible value – which is free.

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    Peter Wootton


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