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    Talat Juneja

    Question for website developers:

    When you create websites for clients, do you put a link to your site on your clients’ sites? We’ve been putting “site by [firm]” into the footer of all of our clients’ sites which, naturally, puts a backlink on every page.

    The problem with this is that some of these backlinks (even legit ones) are being tagged as toxic even when they’re from legit sites. We’ve been noticing that SERP rankings for some pretty important keywords have been sliding. Historically we’ve done REALLY well with them.

    What do you all do? Have your efforts helped you or hurt you?

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    Peter Wootton

    They are classed as toxic because you force them. you need to way up the generation from the footer link over being non toxic.

    You can put in no follow etc on the link which should reduce the toxicity.

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    Michael Walmsley

    Great question.
    This worked years ago but is frowned upon today.

    I do highly recommend adding your link at the bottom of your client’s websites, however I would put a no follow tag on each of those links.

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    Judith Atkinson

    Would they still be considered back-links, though? Or should I just forget about that being a benefit?

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      Stephen Dalby

      Forget about that benefit. Focus on the brand exposure.

      Around the same time Google also started recommending that embeddable widgets use no follow links back to the web app as well. Same logic.

      Look for other back-link benefits from clients. Maybe writing a blog article for them, or creating some type of content where you are naturally mentioned in the content.

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    John Morrison

    If possible I would even go back and add a no follow links to your client websites.

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    Michal Kahn

    Yeah. That’s easy to do. We actively manage every site we build. Our tagline is in the contract, so the clients are all cool with us managing that.

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    Kate Boulton

    We once got a massive contract from a large real estate company in Chicago, because our website address was at the bottom of a small real estate agent’s website that we got ranked really high.

    Just make sure you add a no follow tag.

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    George Bushell

    All my client’s website have the agency badge with a link. But, it is a nofollow one. That’s simply fair and correct way of doing it.

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    Nadine Cairns

    We do same. But only a link from the home page and with varied text around the anchor text (which is a mix of our brand name + client industry etc).

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    Catherine Monk

    I never got any toxicity from it but good point to look out for.

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    Michael Walmsley

    As well, never had toxicity, but I always use no follow.

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    Kate Boulton

    Maybe better to have a single small “made by” section on the contact page or even your own unique page placed 3-4 links deep… site-wide links seem to spoil the juice. using nofollow isn’t a bad idea.

    but if it’s toxic, disavow / remove the link.

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    Sarah Radford

    I stopped linking from footers 4 years ago but it depends on what you are building, now I pretty much just do PBN’s that emulate real sites, i’m talking about money site quality design and content.

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