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    Sinead McEvoy

    I noticed 10 articles ranking in 4th or 5th page after initially indexed. Gradually in a span of 4-5 weeks, most of the articles got a featured snippet or ranked in page 1.


    Points to consider!
    1. No links pointing to these articles.
    2. No traffic on those keywords.
    3. The DA of the domain is not that great.

    What made the pages move to first page ? When GoogleBot gets to see all the On-page factors on first index.

    Thanks in Advance!

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    Roelof Kramer

    Is this your website or someone elses?

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      Michal Kahn

      Yes. That’s my site.

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      Talat Juneja

      Yes. That’s my site.

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    Geoffrey Claughton

    Obviously whilst your website isn’t doing anything amazing – the competition is even worse.

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      Michal Kahn

      The competition has Wikipedia also, Wikipedia lost the featured snippet and my website took the spot.

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      Alisdair James

      In that competition case, it has to give the first page spot after the first index. Correct me if I am wrong.

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    Jenette Bush

    Google always tests pages at random this is how the system works and sees how it works. It’s all about ctr and if people are happy they move you down. Your site may be the newest on that topic and on point. So whatever your doing keep it up. Fyi you don’t have to always have a high DA or links to rank. I have noticed this same thing with newer sites more and more. I think sometimes they see older sites that maybe look like they tricked the system. I have this one competition that his work is garbage but straight to the point short. All the things we believe as SEO’s think we should be doing and beating and he is there. Other than CTR there is no reason he should rank unless he has some secrets i don’t know about. You need to have Google god watching your back.

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      Alexandra Gorman

      I didn’t see any clicks to those pages to think that CTR could be the reason.

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      Ryan Richardson

      I didn’t mean that’s why your there, Google moves sites around to test sometimes and if you perform well they may keep you there.

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      Michal Kahn

      CTR is a very big factor, if your #1 and people keep clicking #3 and stay there longer it must be better.

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    Margaret Clifford

    Less competition for your targeted keywords…

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