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    Richard Fisher

    Affiliate SEOs! Hope you’re all well today.

    What are your favourite affiliate WP Themes straight out of the box? Of course, I understand that CRO must be done to maximise your affiliate site conversions regardless, but what’s your fave starting point for an optimised theme and why?

    I’ve currently got RE:HUB but haven’t played with it much. Need a full day to sit down with tutorials. Any other simpler themes that should be on my radar?

    I’m more client SEO right now, but would like to diversify.

    Thanks ladies and gents.

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    Rosemary Thornton

    DIVI. Because it has MANY free child themes out of the box, easy to use and has build-in A/B testing functionality.

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    Rosemary Thornton

    I use ReHub on almost all my sites.

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      Martin Fieldhouse

      Absolutely fell in love with what you can do with the theme. Need to clear a day to play around with it as all the tutorials aren’t written in the greatest English. Will end up outsourcing it I’m sure.

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