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    Christina Penny

    Can any Pro Facebook marketer help me through this?

    My Business manager account is automatically set to manual payment method and as a result of that I am not able to add debit card as a primary method of payment. I know this account setup could not be changed. and to add automatic payment method I had to set up a new business manager as Facebook now allows only 1 ads account in business manager (for newbies). My question is where in the process of setting up a business manager do we encounter the option of automatic or manual payment method because I have set up 2 different business manager accounts and didn’t even encounter any option asking for payment method explicitly.Whenever I set up a new business account and create ads account for that, when selecting my debit card as a payment method it shows this message:

    This credit card cannot be set as your account’s primary payment method because your account has been set up to be billed after Your ads have delivered. This setup cannot be changed. Please try a different card or payment method.

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    Peter Mellor

    Try hitting up Facebook Support? They’re not the fastest, but can usually help with this stuff.

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      Peter Wootton

      Ok. I’ll try.

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