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    Alisdair James

    Do you guys email outreach for guest posts? If yes, how do you approach it? What kind of an email template you use and what kind of success or reply rate do you get?

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    Siobhan Newman

    I replied to a similar question like this months ago. I will go and dig it up when I can.

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    Keith Simpson

    Did I ask that one?

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    Denise Wilcock

    Preparing for our first outreach campaign, will post here about how it goes.

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    Roelof Kramer

    Yeah I tend to send some outreach at least once a week. Having mixed results but I tend to keep my emails pretty much straight to the point, I don’t like to waffle on.

    I like to mention that I have read their requirements (if they have some), as well as prepare a list of articles titles to see if any of those take their interest.

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