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    Ann Mawson

    Hey guys,

    Looking for information on how to structure an automotive e-stores Root and Sub categories for SEO.

    1.) The e-store is for VW’s only. (Classic Builds, Street Builds, Dune Buggy Builds)
    2.) The parts are listed sub categorically for each. For instance an Antenna might be for a classic or for a dune buggy, or both.
    3. Trying to simplify for indexing purposes, user behaviour and SEO.

    Would it be wise to adopt a structure such as

    I would prefer but the store owner has let me know that using broad categories will lead to incorrect purchases/sales as individuals who end up in “Body Parts” will not know what sub-category model of VW the Antenna under Body parts may be for.

    All input welcomed. Thank you so much

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    Paul Davis

    Are you able to create indexable filters? I.e. /body-parts/vw-antennas plus filter “street”

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      Richard Grayson

      Only if I create “tag” classes that are street*. But yes, I guess that would work.

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      Abdirizak Yusuf

      I’m not sure I would go that route. If you can figure out a way to make them filters that’s what I would do I think. “Street” can go across all categories/sub-cats which would point more towards a filter.

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    Richard Putt


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      Elizabeth Allen

      How would you rank for just “VW Antennas”? This set up would have 3 pages trying to go after that term and then internal linking might be a little wonky also.

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      Alisdair James

      He made it clear that his target must be more specific. So he would be ranking for “classic VW antennas” and the like. Yes, he would have 3 pages for a more generic search, in which case either all three could rank, but it wouldn’t matter because his site isn’t supposed to be organised for generic VW searches. It’s a niche site and each main subcategory is more or less a different vehicle.

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      Abdirizak Yusuf

      These categories are only for product attribution, not page.

      For Instance.

      There is a page called Classic VW Body Parts, which has a 500 word blurb about VW Body Parts with On-Page SEO, and then from that page there is a link-out to another page called Classic VW Antennas with another blurb and on page SEO factors. We will be dropping in a module that pulls the categories with “Classic VW Body Parts” to it’s associated page and “Classic VW Antennas” to it’s page.

      This is my understanding of how this should work.

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      Sinead McEvoy

      I must have misread the post because I thought the niche was VW parts.

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      Abdirizak Yusuf

      It’s VW parts for 3 different specific classes of builds.

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    Sinead McEvoy

    I’m going to slightly modify my answer. If the domain name has “vw” in it, then I would use .com/classics/exterior/antennas … if it does not then there is a good possibility the line could expand in the future, in which case I would suggest .com/vw/classics/exterior/antennas/

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