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    Julian Noble

    Domain Insurance. This is only for new websites you setup where you have control of the whole project. Always purchase the domain name yourself. That way if your client cheats you, you always have overall ownership and control of their domain. Many clients will give you a cheap arse story about why you should use expend all your expertise and time on building them a site and they pay you next to nothing. Then when you are making them a ton they decide to give the business to their nephew. Always ensure you take out the insurance from the start by owning the domain. This strategy has the added benefit that you can sell them the domain name in the future.

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    Syed Shah

    This is a frowned upon practice by many people. Let them buy their own names, and you can avoid being cheated by being paid up front, and don’t let them low-ball you.

    If they’re not willing to pay then move on. By letting them low-ball you things are already starting off on the wrong foot. There are clients that will pay.

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      Colin Hodgson

      I guarantee you’ll lose genuine clients adopting that approach.

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    Sarah Radford

    Yes, only use this approach on cheap arse clients.

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      Roger Howard

      Tip – don’t go in business with “cheap arse clients”

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    John Reyers

    Amen. Sometimes the niche is just too darn interesting.

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    Christopher Hammond

    Good way to end up getting sued as well.

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      Stephen Dalby

      They have a very hard time doing that lol since you are viewed as at the very least a partner. You bought domain, you built site and SEO for free and they paid to come along for the ride and then want to sue you lol. Be laughed out of court.

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      Roger Howard

      Facebook lawyers are my favourite! Good luck!

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    Christopher Hammond

    Just require payment upfront. Solves a lot of issues and weeds out those problem customers right from the beginning.

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    Peter Wootton

    I hired a web guy. He owned the code.

    It’s cost me a fortune to get my site back.

    So now i do web design and marketing because i got screwed so badly i’m in control.

    It goes both ways.

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      Peter Mellor

      Yeah, but depends on how you treat people. Not saying you treated them bad. They might just be rats.

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      Barnaby Martin

      Agreed. Long story short. Built me a website charging me 200 dollars to change a video on my front page… And I couldn’t change top banners and was charging me 100$ or more to change it.

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      Syed Shah

      Either way.. i learnt to do it myself.

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      Catherine Monk

      First guy built me a website on Wix and tried to sell me SEO.

      Basically yeah

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      John Reyers

      Definitely took advantage of you. Sorry to hear that. Good that you took action and don’t have to rely on those kind of people anymore.

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      John Morrison

      It’s partly my fault for not doing my homework but I learnt. He did do a great job to get my website ranking I didn’t own the code and it was built on PHP or HTML…

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      Ryan Richardson

      Expectations weren’t managed.

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      Kate Boulton

      Yep.. now you can drive it all yourself on WordPress or Drupal.

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      Michael Walmsley

      A lot of these guys aren’t pro developers. They know how to hack and they know how to code but they don’t know how to handle expectations of business people.

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      Valerie Ackroyd

      Yep, I prefer not to blame anymore. I take responsibility and make sure things are clear next time.

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