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    Anthony Blundell

    How much time does Google usually take to remove disavowed bad links after submitting them through Google webmaster’s remove link tool?

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    Dairmuid Gallagher

    Google don’t remove it from webmaster tool.

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    Alexandra Gorman

    Disavow just tells Google not to count these back-links. They cannot remove them.

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      Roelof Kramer

      Then what should you do with Spammy links?

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      David James

      You can disavow them and Google won’t count them for your ranking.

      Other than that you can contact the Spammy site owners and ask to remove them. In my experience, they don’t. Just disavow…

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    Paul Davis

    It usually takes about 2-3 months for the impact to be reflected back to your site and as previously said Google doesn’t count those links once they are disavowed.

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    Christopher Hammond

    180 days

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    Giacomo Pieri

    It may take up to 6 months or may be more/less.

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    John Reyers

    It’s totally depend on website to website. For few websites, I’ve experienced result within a week & for few within a month.

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    Alisdair James

    There is no timescale, it’s when google crawls the websites in your disavow again. E.g. you submit the valid file, they digest it in 24-48hrs, following that the next time they attempt to crawl / cache the back link page it works.

    Forcing indexing with something like link detox boost can speed things up.

    Here’s some accurate info to read on how it all works https://www.linkresearchtools.com/google/disavow-links-tool/

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