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    Joan Wood

    Does anybody know of any directory clean-up services that perform a one-time cleanup of directories without requiring a minimum term?

    I’ve used Yext, but discovered that after you stop using them they revert your listings back to what they were before.

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    Paul Davis

    Loganix has a good service and so does BrightLocal.

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    Keith Simpson

    Here’s some background reading for those who are interested.

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    Colin Rees

    I left Yext a few years ago and started using Marketing Center They create directories and give you a excel spreadsheet with all of the created usernames and passwords.

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    Richard Grayson

    I use and recommend as well.

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    Denise Wilcock

    We ran a trial of using a service like Yext vs doing everything manually, and got way better results from the manual work. The feeds these companies use just don’t seem to work as well as old fashioned grunt work.

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    Christopher Hammond

    Manual research and VA for citations clean up all day.

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    Richard Grayson

    The Hoth does one

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