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    Irene Robb

    What do you share with a potential client when they want to see your work?

    So many want to see websites, blogs, etc that I’ve worked on.

    Which tells me they don’t fully understand the service I provide as its not (always) visible when you visit a URL.

    I thought results or case studies but that’s data to read not something aesthetic they can see. For a sceptical client they could think I’m making it up.

    Optimising page’s I’ve been doing before/after screenshots. Before and after analytics. But aesthetically I’m still working within that client’s template and if someone else saw it they could immediately think YUCK I don’t want my site to LOOK like that.

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    Gregory Loudon

    Just give them a keyword to search for, and tell them the first result is your client.

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      Gregory Loudon


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    Terence Murphy

    Show em sales before // after SEO.
    That’s what I do, and a little benchmark against it’s competitors.

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      Francis Brady

      That’s what I have been preparing. Some ask to see blogs and websites I’ve worked on.

      SEO does not have the same visual appeal as a web designer can.

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      Syed Shah

      It’s all about the KPI’s 😛 Try to define the KPI’s that have more value for your client and bring that up when you are with them.
      Organic traffic / Paid Traffic, Time spent on the site, page views, demographics, pages with more visits, conversion rate per objective, etc.

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    Syed Shah

    Clients are just people, and all people need to see visual work. I made sure my prospective SEO clients saw something visual and exciting when I tried to bring them on as a customer, and each time I sent them a report or update.

    Technical SEO isn’t always visual and isn’t very exciting. But SEO is so much more than technical. In my opinion, good SEO is 80% content strategy and 20% technical.

    To sell SEO you have to do more than technical SEO, especially for smaller companies who are stretching their money to fit you in their budget. This could be before and after screenshots of analytics, blog posts, infographics, videos, etc.

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      Karen Carter

      I agree and have been preparing case studies with before and after screenshots with analytics before/after.

      I will think about how I can put this into an infographic. I like that.

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    Karen Carter

    From experience in SEO – If you have to educate a business about the importance of SEO for their business – YOU ARE TARGETING the wrong businesses.

    Target people that are already advertising –

    Don’t set your self up – Here’s my slogan that I made up 22 years ago

    “A Business never fails. It’s their owners who will fail their business”

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      Jenette Bush

      I love helping small businesses and they usually don’t understand digital marketing in general.

      It may not make me the big bucks but my passion is in levelling the playing field.

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      Stephen Hankinson

      Oh my little Robin Hood, these people will take your own bow arrow and break your heart with massive cancellations in your inbox.

      Please, don’t do it. I wish I had me as a mentor when I first got started.

      Looks for businesses that are already advertising who’s on page 2,3 and 4. These are just right for the picking.

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      Stephen Hankinson

      I disagree – some of the low hanging fruit are some of the best clients. It might require a bit of educating them, but to show them gains typically means a very, very loyal client who believes in you til the end. It’s the clients that have already paid for these services that tend to be hard to please – even worse if they think they already know it all.

      That being said, a maid business knows about cleaning homes. A pest control company knows what to do to prevent ants and mice. A roofer knows all about roofing. They don’t have time to learn about SEO or digital marketing – they just know they need it to compete in a busy marketplace. I don’t educate them on all things SEO – I speak their language and explain how they’ll benefit from it. All of them are loyal AF.

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      Margaret Clifford

      Whatever works right. The first 3 years I struggled big time and I found out that when I targeted businesses with low ticket services I had to educate a lot. Even when I got them on the first page it was a constant struggle for them to pay for services they didn’t see. I’m really glad you got it to work.

      I had a big turn around when I started to offer my services to businesses that were already spending.

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      Siobhan Newman

      haha thank you for your input. I’ve been doing this for 11 years, still not jaded.

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      James Hubbard

      Tough cookie.

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