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    Julian Noble

    Has anyone combined multiple ranking reports and call tracking reports into one complete report? What program did you use?

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    Nadine Cairns

    Try Swydo. It’s a bit to get your head around but is nice. Also Agency Analytics.

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    William Souter

    We currently use Agency Analytics for consolidated reporting.

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      Alexandra Gorman

      Very nice. I’m considering Agency Analytics. How has that worked for you and how long have you used it?

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    William Souter

    We’ve only been using it for a few months but so far it looks ok and it is accurate and easy to send to clients who seem to understand “most” of it. There are products also like Zoho Reports (now Knows a Zoho Analytics) and like Cyfe you can hook into external data systems to build dashboards, but no Call Rail, Call Metrics or What Converts. hope this helps.

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      Michal Kahn

      That’s helpful. We don’t use any call tracking software, so that wouldn’t be an issue for us. Do you use any of the Agency Analytics integrations, like Search Console, Analytics, FB Ads, GMB, etc.? Or any of their SEO tools or even Agency Management tools?

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      David James

      Yes we do, we use the integrations you mentioned and a few others that are available, we are using it more for consolidated reporting than anything, not really to fully manage our agency.

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      Geoffrey Claughton

      Thanks again, sounds very much like the way I’d like to use it. I’m thinking it should provide better information and a much more professional appearance to our customers.

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      Elizabeth Allen

      Exactly. There are other systems where you can integrate but this is pretty much ready made. There is Zoho Analytics and some other systems but AA is a good reporting and client dashboard tool, all the best.

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    Michal Kahn

    I use cyfe. It’s cheap and you can build a reporting dashboard for just about anything.

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    Alisdair James

    SEO Monitor

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    Giacomo Pieri

    Try AgencyAnalytics.

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