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    John Churchill

    I am ranked on review keywords of clickbank products in the first page but I don’t get sales daily. I want to scale up my blog and business. How can I do it considering I am already in Top 3 in the SERPs of review keywords.

    Shall I try to rank my supporting articles which target long tail problem solving keywords and then suggest solutions to that problem as the clickbank product?

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    Robert Voss

    Chase other sources of traffic. Google is only one source there are lots of ways to drive traffic.

    Community sites
    Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit.
    YouTube and other video sharing sites.
    Paid traffic

    I’ve even seen affiliates do ads on shop bulletin boards offline.

    Lots of ways. Try be where your ideal audience is.

    But yeah keep writing content – more content more keyword opportunities and it will build your site up as an authority.

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      Nadine Cairns

      But you kill it using organic traffic… You get 1k traffic daily on long tail problems solving keywords or high intent review keywords?

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      Owen Dutton

      I still go for other sources of traffic. Never put all your eggs in the one basket – if Google decides to change something or doesn’t like something you’ve done – there goes all your traffic. Google traffic in my opinion is the best but again, you have to be where your visitors are.

      Keep adding content to your site and try rank for other keywords as well BUT also promote your site on other platforms.

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    David James

    What are your keyword metrics for your top ranked keywords and how many visitors are you getting per day?

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    Ryan Richardson

    Thanks a lot for your precious advice. I am being accepted in a huge boards of Pinterest in my niche and I am adding value in those boards as well.

    I would include my blog article link in one or two pins in between.

    What you suggest for YouTube? I would be trying fivverr + YouTube method that you showed on your YouTube channel a while back, do you recommend linking to my review article link in the description of the video or straight to affiliate link?

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      Jenette Bush

      Yes, send them to the pages you want to build up and help rank. With the video get them warmed up to buy the products as well.

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    Sarah Foster

    Really get very little traffic.. Just 10-15 per day but I rank for high intent review kws.

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      Geoffrey Claughton

      How many monthly searches for them each? How much are you earning per month?

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      Alisdair James

      I don’t know about searches. Different platforms tell differently.
      Second one is not much. I expected more but I’ll keep working.

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      Ryan Richardson

      I have bought a dfy site. The site making is still in progress but the content is great.

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      Dairmuid Gallagher

      What’s your tips for ranking high on google with your review articles? Been trying to get them on the number 1 page but can’t seem to do it lol, my keywords are easy on KW too.

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      Giacomo Pieri

      What’s your site age?

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      Dawn Cotton

      Just going on 5 months.

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      George Cockerill

      I did a mistake by just looking to rank for review articles, though I get sales here and there but I would recommend you to go to look for ranking your long tail kws first.

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