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    Stephen Kelly

    Hi all, I look after a pretty big E-commerce client and in my quest for SEO nirvana I am always looking to tweak here and there… One thing I have noticed is that their mega menu headings are H2 header tags which obviously gets duplicated throughout their 10 000 indexed pages. These are headings like “SHOP BY CATEGORY” or “SHOP BY BRAND”.

    I feel that the SEO value of these duplicated H2 tags is wasted, would you change these to normal text (formatted of course) or leave as is?

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    Stephen Hankinson

    Explain the folder structure and if you are using dynamic generated URL’s for sub cat and cat pages…

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      William Yarwood

      There are three main levels in the folder structure, Home, browse and individual product pages. All URL’s are dynamically generated..

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      Margaret Clifford

      like this: home/speakers/listing

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      Siobhan Newman


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      James Hubbard

      Leave it, not going to make a difference.

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    Nicola Baillie

    Interesting… One person says change it and you say don’t change it…. That is SEO for you…

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      Benjamin Donner

      Meh, test it and see… I don’t see it making a difference personally.

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      Ian Johnson

      Will do.. thanks for the input..

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    Ann Bentley

    Personally I would indeed swap them for CSS styled text. I personally really like to keep h1,2,3 tags for reinforcing page specific topical relevancy.

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    Keith Simpson

    I am with you. H3 and h4 seem to pack more of a punch right now too. Remember it does not need to be your keyword I. Each. LSI’s work and if done right you can rank for all of them cause the G bot then knows what the page is about. It makes sense to the visitor too and helps with conversions. Learn more is just lazy writing.

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    Michael Mason

    Yes, remove them for heading tags, put them in span in CSS.

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